in the Morning Family! Since 2013 we, a young and passionate team, have been working hard to bring you quality games, smart designs and innovative materials. From Toulouse in the South of France, and now also from London, we are putting all our energy (and good sense of humor) into curating and developing our games. Be it to develop your sense of strategy and coordination, to sharpen you competitive spirit or to have a good time, we would be delighted if you join our Morning Family.

Morning family

Created in the South of France only two years after the launch of its "big brother" Kingscube in 2011, the Morning Family began its adventure through the world of games as a distributor of board games and puzzle cubes.

Our small team took to game distribution like a fish to water, so we decided to branch out into publishing. Our first project materialized in 2015 with the arrival of Kumo Hogosha, our first self-published game. Since that first release, six Morning Players games are in preparation for the next two years.

Parallel to editing and publishing, we also support our "Studios": small publishers who have full access to our internal resources and get the support they need to make their projects a reality.

Like the quality of our products, we carefully selected the games for our catalog, mainly looking for mechanical products with originality and refined design, guaranteeing an unprecedented game experience. Very sensitive to innovation, we also have a lot of interest in the latest trends in the gaming world such as crowdfunding and the recent phenomenon of digitalization.

You'll learn that Morning Family has every intention of disrupting the games world and our team can not do enough to offer you the games that you will love!

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